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Shifts Happen Podcast

As part of our day to day business we get to have really interesting conversations with CEOs, Workforce planners, Chief Operating Officers, and all manner of other people involved in managing shifts, teams and entire workforces.

We realised sharing these conversations could be really useful. And definitely a lot easier than writing a whitepaper or producing a benchmarking report, plus hopefully more interesting.

By sharing in conversation insights and ‘how we did this’ examples you can hear what’s working (and not) and take that back to your own business or organisation and use it right away.

Hear more about…

  • how to cut temp spend and build up your own bank of staff
  • how to switch from static staffing and move to a dynamic staffing
  • how to handle increased demand for flexible working, balanced with growing great teams
  • managing changes to everything that impacts your workforce – economy, environment, demand, and pandemics!
  • the future of work and how to expect the unexpected

…you’re in the right place.

Here’s where Shifts Happen.

Your Podcast Hosts

Scott Erwin portrait

Scott Erwin

Founder & CEO, Hirehand


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Lucy Whittington

Head of Marketing, Hirehand