World-class AI software for filling shifts at scale

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Developed over 5 years as an external, on-demand marketplace in the dynamic hospitality sector. Today, an internal software solution for companies to fill unpredictable shifts with their own staff.

Able to fill shifts at short notice, in complex and dynamic environments. Invite sequencing technology combines with 40+ rank order algorithms, event source architecture, and workforce planning experience. Developed by ex-Microsoft engineers, and ex-McKinsey workforce planning consulting expertise.

  • Our technology approach drives automation
  • Our matching technology drives optimisation
  • Our technology architecture allows for automation and optimisation at scale

Our Approach

Filling Shifts
Focused on one exact outcome – filling shifts. We send out invitations to rank-ordered people until a shift is filled, instead of waiting for people to ‘find’ a shift and book in.

What this means practically is that our approach is automated with only 1 human intervention to fill a shift in our system once booked (an invitation acceptance). In contrast, the ‘find’ a shift approach requires up to 10 human interventions to fill shifts (back and forth sharing, re-sharing, confirming, etc.)

Our Matching Technology

Hirehand technology
Powered by a 40+ factor rank order algorithm and intelligent invite sequencing our matching technology secures the best person for every shift.

Factors in our matching algorithm not only include expected ones like skill, location and availability but also more advanced ones like continuity (having been to a location before) and reliability (determined by dropped shifts and system responsiveness).

Unique elements to our technology prioritise matching factors that benefit staff members, like utilisation (how many hours they want per week) and notice (how much time before shifts they prefer to receive invitations).

Our intelligent invite sequencing is designed to benefit staff members by giving them time to consider an invitation before moving onto the next suitable candidate. Our matching technology leads to uniquely optimal outcomes for both organisations and individuals.

Matching and invite sequencing is in contrast to “blasting” vacant shift invitations – where shifts are awarded to the first to reply or the “fastest finger” (if filled) and not to the best suited team member.

Event Sourcing Technology Architecture

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Built on a foundation of event sourcing patterns from 5+ years has allowed us to capture and retain millions of data points on filling shifts in dynamic staffing situations.

An event-sourced architecture is uniquely capable of handling the complexity of dynamic staffing situations. Capturing all platform interactions (even the most nuanced ones) as domain events allows for the development of far more complex business rules needed to fill shifts in these environments. Event-sourcing has significant advantages when attempting to automate and optimise complex systems at scale.

A common example from banking (where event-sourcing is commonly used) is the difference between having a full ledger of every transaction in a bank account (which is what event-sourcing provides) vs. a snapshot of the account balance (a standard database model).

For a video of our technology in action: