Health tech from Hirehand

Fill your vaccination shifts without fuss

  • Simple software for you to set up shifts
  • Easy to use app for your team (clinical, non-clinical & volunteers)

Easily manage staffing at vaccination sites and fill more shifts with fewer people

Onboard from multiple sources

Quickly onboard your team – upload all in one go or individually

Manage availability

Manage limited & changing availability of your team easily

Allocated shifts

Fill shifts in an automated & intelligent way (97%+ fulfillment rate)

Filling shifts under pressure

There are not enough medical professionals to go around and no magic tree that can grow nurses overnight. Vaccination sites will have to rely on part-time vaccinators and volunteers with intermittent availability and a high likelihood of dropping shifts.

Our technology is world-leading in getting the most out of a part-time workforce while respecting their preferences in the process. Pen and paper (or spreadsheet) solutions will not get the job done, while traditional workforce management software is built for a consistent workforce.

Automatically handle last-minute shift changes

Admin manager and mobile worker app

We’re there when the unexpected happens so you don’t have to be:

You have enough on your plate with clinical duties and managing the vaccine roll-out to get bogged down in the inevitable and daily staffing issues that will occur.

Our system is world-class at finding replacements for late shift cancellations, no shows and relieving the administrative burden of staff running late and confirming any differences in hours.

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Case Studies

Network4 case study mock up

Arranging vaccination shifts took hours. Now it takes minutes

Network 4 – a group of 4 GP Surgeries in South West England – were spending hours every week organising the shifts for their COVID-19 vaccination clinic. Up and running with HireHand in one day this time dropped to 10 minutes, freeing the team up to focus on delivering vaccines, not organising staff.

Rushmoor case study mick-up

Filling shifts for 2 vaccine clinics and a Covid test centre

Rushmoor Voluntary Services replaced their existing shift scheduling software with HireHand to focus on filling shifts across several locations. Working with 2 PCNs, and the Local Authority to fill shifts at Vaccine clinics and a Test Centre in Hampshire.

Next Steps

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