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Core Matching Technology

One solution, three core features, endless applications.

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Build your own bank

Create a flexible pool of workers from your own workforce so save on temp fees.

Matching quality staff members

Quality Matching

The key is intelligent, human-centric tech, as our algorithm bakes in 40+ match-making factors into every opportunity.

Invite Sequencing

Invite Sequencing

We match an opportunity with the top available candidate first and give them time to respond: so you get the best person for the job, not the best person with their phone.

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All made possible by our human-centric design

Our “Eureka!” moment was discovering that flexible work success is the result of highly personalised, preference-rich matching that considers both sides. Kind of like dating!

We found it was often the worker that had their needs overlooked. We’ve built the only algorithm in the world that bakes in needs like target hours and the ability to choose thoughtfully without risking future work. The only algorithm powerful enough to find the uniquely best match on a job by job, person by person, business by business basis – instantly; without compromising flexible workers or businesses.


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Case Studies

Oxfam case study mock-up image

Shift management in minutes – helping Oxfam weather the pandemic

HireHand took Oxfam from 40% volunteer shift coverage pre-COVID to 80% coverage post-lockdown 1 – and made their store managers and volunteers much, much happier too. Here’s how.

YMCA, Salvation Army & NHS case study mock-up

Helping the YMCA, Salvation Army & Meals for NHS do more with less

In Lockdown an army of volunteers stepped up, eager to prepare food parcels, deliver medication, drop off shopping and more. All they needed was a system that could organise them all…

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